Extreme Celestial Objects

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Milky Way Galaxy

Central Bulge

Spiral Disk



Near Intergalactic

Satellite Galaxies

Local Group

Virgo Supercluster


Local Universe

Pisces-Perseus Supercluster

Centaurus Wall

Coma Wall / Great Wall

Far Cosmos

Cosmological Voids

Cosmological Streams



Stars Light Up

Early Galaxies


Note: These objects tend to be extremely distant from Sol, in space and even time. Many are also extremely large, massive, dense, energetic, ancient, or young. All have been estimated to be over 100 light-years (ly) -- or 30.7 parsecs (pc) -- away. Most are at least 1,000 ly (or 306.6 pc) away. For more information about the Milky Way Galaxy and its stars (including spectral and luminosity class codes), go to ChView's webpage on The Stars of the Milky Way.

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